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A Neighbor's Blessings

--by Agnes Haddaway, posted Apr 10, 2006
Each week, I give my elderly neighbor a ride to the store, when I am going. She keeps trying to pay me, and I keep refusing. I tell her that it doesn't cost any more for her to ride with me.

Last week, she brought an envelope saying, "I have something for you." I said, "If it has money in it, I don't want it." But, she laid it on a stand. Later, I opened it to find a 'thank you' card with $10.00 in it. That night, I stopped at her house to give some extra fried chicken that I had. I took a plain card, put the $10.00 in it along with a 'Smile' card, and when leaving, left it stuck in her storm door.

The next day, stopping by to return my dish, she said, "Look, I know you put that letter in my door this morning, didn't you?" I had completely forgotten about it, and I suppose from the genuinely blank look on my face, she believed me when I said that I hadn't put any letter in her door that morning. (Actually, it was the night before--so I wasn't lying.) She went on to describe the card and enclosed 'Smile' card, and tell me how the Lord is blessing her, with so many good things lately. I told her that I was so happy for her, and that I hope she continues to be so blessed.

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Jan Black wrote: The lord works in mysterious ways to bring happiness and 😊. Thank you
Khokha wrote: Such a sweet little lie
jsmc10 wrote: :) so lovely :)
Thaata wrote: It is very nice to hear such kindness from blessed souls which exites my spirits too!

moral12 wrote: Great way to give back to her (especially because you had "forgotten" that you put the card in the door! ) great instant karma for her! Thanks for sharing.
ecoenergygirl wrote: That is so cool.

I like how you are trying to go beyond trading favors and paying back.
meaty wrote: Awww, so sweet.
private wrote: Thats very sweet
gale wrote: that was very sweet! Thanks for sharing and bringing me another thing to smile about today.
mally wrote: aww, that was really sweet

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