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Kindness At The Post Office

--by heartofflesh, posted Mar 11, 2013

I helped a young man at the post office who is working in our city. He had just received his salary and was was trying to send money to two different people. 

He did not know how to fill in the relevant form for sending money to those two villages. So, he dictated the addresses and I filled in the forms for him. He was very thankful. 
Young men like him work in shopping malls in our big cities where they are treated slightly better than slaves. Mostly they support families living in smaller towns and villages. I was glad to be able to help him. 
May God bless all those young men and women who work in cities, eking out a living to support others. May God bless the families who rely on such young shoulders!


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MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Thanks for caring and helping out! :)
Hasifa wrote: how kind of you. little things like this make a big difference to others when we least expect.
princessliz wrote: Blessings to him indeed for caring for his family and working hard to provide. Thanks for helping and extending your love to them too.
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for your kind heart, I am sure that that young man will remember you for your kindness. Love and Light and Endless Blessings, Bluebell
jsmc10 wrote: thank you for taking the time to be there to help this man, thank you for sharing :)
Mobobacas wrote: God bless them and God bless you. Thank you.
FairyBubbles wrote: That was so kind of you heartofflesh to help that young man. You will have made so much difference that day.
Mish wrote: Bless you for your compassion and kindness.

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