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Kindness Is The Medicine

--by twocents, posted Sep 21, 2013
One of my co-workers was recently stressed because his wife is struggling through a period of severe depression triggered by a rebounding of bodily pain from fibromyalgia.  She's also been on furlough from work for a number of years, and doesn't get much opportunity to maintain social ties and a sense of purpose which are often so essential and deeply nourishing.  After listening to him unload his burdens, I decided to do something small to support him and his wife.

I don't know his wife very well at all, but wanted to express some warmth and kindness to her, since it so often feels like the universal balm to soothe every ailment.

I found out that, like most people, she loves receiving handwritten mail.  So I purchased a card and wrote the following message to her:

Dear Nxxxx,
I want you to know that you have something very unique and beautiful to offer the world.  You are loved, and your presence is so very precious and valuable.
Signed, Anonymous

The card was sent with a pseudonym and pseudo-address, and reached her a few days later.  I was planning to send a series of things in the mail over the course of a week, and noticed that my co-worker was visibly much less stressed. Though he usually talks to me quite a bit when dealing with spousal stress, he's had nothing to say about home life for about a week, which is a very good sign.

So often in life, the mental pain we attach to the physical pain we encounter simply amplifies our sense of suffering.  And though I can't take credit for any improvement my co-worker or his wife might be experiencing, I have personally experienced the extent to which kindness is a powerful medicine that dissolves mental pain and eases physical suffering in subtle but powerful ways.  And even if it does nothing for someone else, it felt great to be nice, and gratifying to strengthen the habit of listening to the voice of kindness within.
May we all grow courageous and kind!
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Srieves wrote: I too went through a deep depression while dealing with physical and marital issues. I literally locked myself away for about two years. A neighbor and friend sent me a simple card never mentioning my embarrassing issues, just that she missed our good times together and prayed for me often. She will never understand what a hughe roll it played it pulling me out of my darkness. A little human kindness goes a long way toward helping big wounds heal so never miss an opportunity to do the little things, you never know how much you can touch a life.
4everblooming wrote: Kindness smooths and spreads.
FairyBubbles wrote: Twocents, that was really thoughtful. I can just imagine how your co-worker's wife felt. She must have been so surprised and so joyful.
Mish wrote: Bless you for your compassion and kindness.
princessliz wrote: I don't doubt that he loves her, but I think its great to know that we mean something to others in the world.
Thanks for extending such great love towards her!
jsmc10 wrote: this was such an amazing thing to do, I too suffer from depression and know just how much a simple act of kindness and inspirational words mean, thank you for sharing :)

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