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Planting The Seed Of Generosity

--by remmyeow, posted Sep 19, 2013
The story is about my four year old son. I had saved some of his baby clothes because of the memories and emotions attached to them. They were still in very good condition. 

Yesterday I decided to give these precious possession away for some needy child. But, as soon as I started the task, my son objected. Even he was attached to them! 
It occurred to me that this was a wonderful opportunity to plant the seeds of generosity in his little mind. It took a lot of explaining but, finally, he was convinced. 
Normally I would simply have filled a plastic bag with clothes and dumped it in the donation box. But this time my son and I were a team! We washed all the clothes, folded them together and put them in a nice bag. It felt different - better different! 
The next day he asked me, "When are we going to give your clothes to a friend?" 
I think he really has the right idea now, and he's excited to be a part of it! 
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Readers Comments

brindlegirl wrote: Yes!

And we so often exclude our little ones thinking them to young to understand but as you have said. Its all about planting the seeds and if you ask me you can never plant them too early. In fact the earlier the better!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Planting those seeds while he is young will make you so proud as you watch them grow and bloom in him. I try to do the same with my children and have seen some unbelievable results at time so keep up the great work! :)
jsmc10 wrote: Aww bless you both, how lovely, thanks for sharing :)
denisemj wrote: That is so Wonderful! Thanks for Caring :)
FairyBubbles wrote: Your son is so sweet. Sending love your way!
princessliz wrote: So touching the bond. How lovely that he looks forward to more acts of giving :)
Thanks for being a great mom to him!
deactivated wrote: forsure u did plant the seeds of generosity my friend.have a great time.

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