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Can I Have Kindness For My Birthday?

--by magicmuffin, posted Apr 6, 2013

This year, instead of birthday presents, dinners, etc, my husband and I decided to pool our resources and request acts of kindness, compassion and generosity be done on our behalf. 

We aimed for one kind deed for each year of our lives. I'm turning 42 and he's turning 41 this month so that adds up to 83 acts of kindness!  
We sent out an email today requesting this gift, and posted it on Facebook. So far the response has been fantastic!  
We've asked people to share what they did so we can inspire others with the stories.

My favorite so far involves my girlfriend's 12 year old daughter who got so inspired that she's currently brainstorming things she can do to be kind and generous. 


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Nat wrote: Would you mind sharing the email message you sent out. My son wants to do this.
Aung wrote: Love this idea and will steal it for my birthday coming up this month. I along with my family will perform 40 random acts of kindness. Fabulous idea!
Krishna Mohan wrote: Very good idea. If all of us think like you, we can see a different world. I am doing the same here in india by distributing fruits, school bags to the poor students on the eve of birthdays of my friends and relatives instead of spending on dinners and gifts. Photos can be seen in my profile(kmrmullapudi@gmail. Com)on facebook
Mary Ann wrote: I just used this idea. So far four likes on facebook. I think they'll do it!
josietn wrote: Not to take away from you/your exerperience. For my 40th birthday, my family and i set out to do 40 random acts of kindness. It was the best birthday in my life. I'm not rich, but i'm truly blessed. I hope your day was full of joy! :)
Joy wrote: What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Many blessings.
miller wrote: Fantastic idea! I wish you all the joy and success. Great to read the words "kindness and courtesy are infectious.
Birene wrote: That's a great idea! Especially if a child likes it! God bless all that takes part in your birthday!
ingrid wrote: Great idea, would love to find some examples of kindness and compassion that have been fulfilled - needed in our times.

Thank you for your inspiration
DaVinci PHARAOH wrote: Veri pleasant & kind. Nb. : kindness, and courtesy, are infectious. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read.

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