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The Old Folks At The Station

--by sixsigma1983, posted Apr 5, 2013
I had gone to the city railway station to pick my relatives. On the platform I saw a couple who looked to be in their 70s. They seemed restless, stressed and searching for something. I couldn't ignore them and asked if they were okay. 
They said they had come from a village and were searching for their son who was supposed to pick them up. They asked if there was a telephone booth nearby so they could call him. I took the number, called him on my cell-phone, and let them speak to him. Then I told him exactly where his parents were standing. 
I can still feel the shivers I got when the old lady smiled and said, "Let God keep you well, wherever you are." 
That random and very small act gave me such a feeling of inner peace and happiness!
I couldn't wait for their son to arrive. I had to rush to the office. But I called him again after 20 minutes just to check he had found his parents. The son was overwhelmed with this gesture and thanked me for everything. 

I just pray I never fall into the trap of thinking it's me doing these things, rather it's God through me!    
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wxyzedward wrote: Yes, simple kind offers do help others as well as help oneself.
pluto178 wrote: That feeling of others thanking god for you being around is second to none. Thank you for caring enough to act. Xxx
Birene wrote: As we are aging we know that small acts like yours is a great blessing!

We learned to help in our yough and sometimes we need help. God bless you as his great love works through you!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Wow, bless you for your kind and caring heart! :)
princessliz wrote: It's not a small act at all. That could have easily turned into an unfortunate situation.
Thanks so much for caring!
jsmc10 wrote: This was so wonderful of you, thank you so much for being there for them and also sharing this story :)
Mish wrote: That is very beautiful and humble. Yes, may we all share in your prayer. Your post means a lot to me.
deactivated wrote: i'am with u my friend,even i'll send the same request to the lord.
FairyBubbles wrote: What a lovely gentle heart you have.

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