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Red Velvet Cake and Birthday Surprise!

--by AURELIA, posted Nov 13, 2013
I had never made a Red Velvet Cake until recently! 
A friend at work said it was her favorite so I told her I would try to make one for her birthday. I made it in a bundt pan and it turned out delicious. 
She loved it! She hugged me and said thank you with tears in her eyes! I told her that I loved seeing other people happy and it was my pleasure to be able to make her favorite dessert for her.
And you know what ... it's a win-win situation. I made her day special and I also learned how to make a new dessert! Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting is now going to be one of my favorite cakes to make!
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debbe530 wrote: Love red velvet cake. Way to go, aurelia. How nice of you.
prsquires wrote: How wonderful. You must have given off a beautiful light that she saw.
CaringHands wrote: Nice, i liked it!
God bless,
~c. H~
PinkPrincess wrote: The most rewarding feeling, is to know you made someone happy, with the simplest of things.
Material items are just that, materiel, but when it comes from the heart, it means so much more
Good for you
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Very cool, you are such a SWEETIE! :)
JuneBug wrote: I make red velvet cakes balls every year for one of my son's Christmas and bday. They ARE good !! I am glad you got two opportunities. One to make someone happy and the other to discover the treat !!
jsmc10 wrote: I've never had red velvet cake before, you're so lovely :)
deactivated wrote: A-U-R-E-L-I-A! my friend, a lot of smiles and love for ye And for sure u r lovely.
princessliz wrote: Nice going Aurey! :)
Mish wrote: Yum I love red velvet cupcakes... thy keep me "chubby" lol lol:). Nice act of kindness& a yummy one too!!!!

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