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Litter Light

--by lovingfriend, posted Nov 12, 2013
Recently, I was at a park with a group of friends. We were releasing lanterns in the air, and it was enchanting and wonderful.

After we finished, one of my friends pointed out that the covers and other unnecessary parts of the lanterns were strewn all over the park grounds. People had just tossed them there.

Without thinking much about it, we set about picking up all the littered lantern parts. With such a large group, we finished in hardly 5 minutes!
On top of that, while we were picking up all the parts, people took notice and curiously asked why we were picking up garbage.

I think I am realizing the collective power of community. :)
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babanam wrote: Awesome! <3
lisanov77 wrote: What a simple beautiful story. Thank you for noticing and for sharing!
Ammi wrote: Thank you doing the right thing and for inspiring others by setting a public example. You are a role model.
jabp wrote: Love this - and how you became aware of the aftermath waste of celebration, not only taking responsibility but setting example (planting seeds! ) to others when picking up the trash publicly! Yes!
debbe530 wrote: So fun to set off lanterns. And thanks for thinking of the consequences. Mother earth loves you.
slyounkin1 wrote: It's those small acts that will make a difference in the world, thanks
Jess wrote: Good to hear that people asked you about it. I've been a litter loon for years and 'grew' from collecting it when nobody was around in fear of being ridiculed to carrying around a see-through bag and letting people know all about it. Even while chatting to fellow dog owners they mostly have this blind spot for the bag. Too bad.

Keep it up, together we can make the world a cleaner and healthier place!
solace wrote: That's greatt :) btw your story made me think of rapunzel hehe
cpcrowley77 wrote: It was kind but also responsible.
FairyBubbles wrote: That was such a kind thing to do. (((HUG)))

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