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Minty Smiles

--by pelican, posted Apr 9, 2013

It's great fun showing people that they are important through random acts of kindness.

In addition to Smile cards we found some smiley face butter-mints at our local Dollar Tree. We attach them to the Smile cards with a decorative paper clip.
Our youngest daughter handed a Smile card with mint attached to an elderly lady waiting at the doctor's office. It brought tears to her eyes. The lady stood up and said, "That deserves a hug!" 
Our daughter passed out five more "minty" Smile cards at the doctors office that day.
Our oldest daughter made some whoopie pies and bagged them up with Smile cards attached for her aunt and her aunt's 90 year young neighbor. They both were over-flowing with excitement!
We gave a Smile card to a lady we saw at Wal-Mart and she said that she really needed the Smile card after a rough day at work.
Our family went to Pizza Hut for lunch and the waitress there was absolutely a fantastic server. We gave her a Smile card with a mint and a $10.00 tip attached. She was very grateful!
We as a family have always enjoyed helping others and Smile cards are a good tool we can employ to do more.


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peanut wrote: By making people happy is a wonderful thing to do. You probably made those people feel special. God bless you & your whole family for being involved.
StarBrite wrote: Customized smile cards! What a wonderful idea and way to get the whole family involved. Your daughters will continue to pass it forward i'm sure. :-) *starbrite
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Those are wonderful things to do. I love how the whole family gets involved. Keep spreading those smiles! :)
kidzfirst wrote: Very inspiring - simple ways to make a difference and brighten someone's day. :)
jsmc10 wrote: these are such beautiful ideas of how you can use smile cards :) yay :) thanks for sharing :)
FairyBubbles wrote: Pelican - who are absolutely amazing - you are making so many people happy - that is a wonderful way to live.
princessliz wrote: I could imagine that with the whole family involved, its alot more fun and rewarding. Look at those amazing responses too!
Kool to know you can do this freely :)
~Bless you all~
denisemj wrote: I like giving out the Smiley Face mints. So glad that you are able to spread Kindness with the family. Thanks for caring and sharing :)

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