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Kindness Adventures On Our Block

--by Mish, posted Apr 15, 2013

I spend a lot of time at home, so there are many opportunities to interact with our great neighbors.

Today, I got a phone call from an older neighbor who lost her balance while bending over her little dog's water bowl and had fallen down.  I immediately ran over to her house with a cold gel-pack in hand! Then, I stayed a while, took some cute pictures of her pup with my cell phone, saw that she was okay, and returned home.  

She just called again to tell me not to worry, she is okay.

Upon returning home from her house, just as I was closing my door, I saw another neighbor (who is also a senior) climbing up a small ladder to hang something in her tree.  The ladder looked precariously perched, so I ran over to check on her. She thanked me, but refused my help. I told her I would stay next to her, just in case. :)

Both these women live alone and are very independent. They are a huge inspiration!

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Readers Comments

Joy wrote: Better a close neighbour than a distant friend.
Storme wrote: Thanks for sharing, i'm going to remember to look out for my neighbors more often. :)
@mish, that would be the most amazing nighborhood ever. Xd
AURELIA wrote: Thank you for looking out for everyone. Your Kindness matters and the proof is what you experience in your neighborhood. Because you have taken the time to help them when needed, your kindness has earned a trust and bond with them and they are now an 'extended family' ... May you continue to be there for each other. :0) SMILE ~Aurelia
bluxess wrote: When you give them your company and both of your hands, why must they feel lonely :-) They won't ;-) Awesome my friend ...
starryskies wrote: It's really great that you're so close with your neighbors and able to help them. Thanks for being such a kind and thoughtful soul! Keep up the great work! :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is nice of you to keep an eye out and help your neighbors. The world needs more neighbors like you! :)
princessliz wrote: A diligent and honest neighbour you are.
Any community would be blessed to have you around! :)
Thanks for sharing your kind deeds.
denisemj wrote: So Glad you take the time to Help out your Neighbors. I know they are Very appreciative of your Kindness. Thanks for caring and sharing:)
FairyBubbles wrote: I would love to be one of your neighbours - they are really blessed because you are there.
Mish wrote: Think how much fun we could have if we were all neighbors my sweet & lovely Twinkle!!!!! We could have "Smile Card/Kindness brainstorming parties!!! :)

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