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Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2012, Story #8 - An Anonymous Gift I'll Always Remember

--by anonymous , posted Dec 25, 2013
 I sold a tech company for a small exit in 2010. Everyone was extremely proud of me, but no one knew the exact amount I made, but everyone assumed I did really well. In actuality, I only made just over a hundred thousand dollars.

I purposefully hid the amount because I wanted to use all the money to buy my parents a house, and I knew that my parents would never accept me buying them a house with the money from my sale. So with no one knowing, I drained my account (after paying taxes) and bought my parents a 1-story house in Texas (where I grew up). I did this because they had been living in a small two-story house that, in recent years, could no longer accommodate my sick and increasingly wheel-chair-bound dad.

Everyone assumed I had made a large amount of money and that this was one of many things I used the money on. In reality, this was my exit and my dream gift. This gift allowed my dad to live out the remainder of his life in dignity and it brought a tremendous stabilizing force to our family life. It stands as the nicest thing I'll likely ever do.

Since then, I've made more money, my dad passed away, and my mom lives in that house, now full of great memories. We look back with great joy at those last few years with my dad, and I'm glad I could make it as comfortable for him as possible.
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donnalotus wrote: What a gift!
rash wrote: Keep up the good intentions!
roja wrote: Parents love,care everything is unexpressed. As a son you did a best thing. You made their life peaceful.
Joy wrote: No wonder you are such a success. What a remarkable act of kindness. Many blessings to you and thanks for sharing.
shellybreeze wrote: What a gorgeous gift i have always lived in a rental and its hard i would love to do this for my parents when they needed it unfornately on disability pension i couldn't i could only love and support them. I'm glad u mums happy to and you reaped good karma from your deed.
Matha Rayel wrote: Wow! It's so wonderful thought of a child to his parent. God bless you for your goodness. That's the excellent accomplishment of being submissive to the parent. Great love and care. God bless!
strugglingmom wrote: How inspiring!
Nancy wrote: They must have been good and loving parents who raised a good and loving son!
Navymom wrote: What a story. That was a wonderful thing that you did. I wish only good things come to you.
Jolly wrote: It is thoughtful gift that you gave your parents and the beautiful memories that you have with them. Very inspiring and god bless you:0

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