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Something Priceless At The Dollar Store

--by Strawberry, posted May 2, 2013

I stopped at the local dollar store the other day after a fitness class to buy a candy bar. 

So I get the candy and get in line behind a woman who looked about twenty years old. She had two small children with her and quite a lot of items in her shopping cart.  
She handed her credit card to the clerk but the clerk told her it had been declined. The young woman insisted she had paid it off the day before. The clerk replied, "Maybe it hasn't got through the system yet. Do you want to call someone?"  
The young girl got out her cell phone and was looking through it. Meanwhile, they open another counter to check me out.   
I was walking out to my car when I thought, "Okay! You're always wishing you could help someone. Time for you to do it!"  
I got back out of my car my car and walked back in with my bank card. The young lady was still messing with her phone and looking totally embarrassed. I walked up to the clerk, handed her my card and said, "I"ll pay her bill." The clerk said, "Okay," and swiped it. 
As I signed the slip the young lady was still looking at her phone and I don't think she had even realized I had paid her bill! I handed her the receipt and said, "Here you go. Pay it forward sometime," and I left.   
The bill was about $52. The feeling inside me ... was priceless!


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Sue wrote: That is such a selfless thing to do. You are a blessing & may you be blessed in return.
buddybell wrote: Awesome act of kindness,i hope to get the chance to help someone out in their time of need to. Keep up the good work.
Tamilyn wrote: As a mom who has struggled a time or five in her day. Bless you. Love&light
Aung wrote: How thoughtful of you to act. How wonderful of you to think the thought.
same wrote: Wow! Loved what you did. Amazing act
Storme wrote: This website always restores my faith in humanity. God bless you. :)
tiggerzzz wrote: What a blessed thing you did for that young lady. God bless you for your thoughtfulness and unselfish act of kindness.
Davinci PHARAOH wrote: Awesome: those who love the lord also have a heart for others - he/she is a real christian - do the will of god.
bilkis wrote: Such acts of kindness keeps our faith in the goodness of people
Joyanna wrote: A similar thing happened to a senior in walmart the other day. She couldn't find her credit card in her purse and people were getting impatient. A young 20 yr old man paid for her bill (about $50 as well) and when she tried to get his phone number and info so she could repay him, he just said someday i'll be a senior and maybe someone will do something nice for me. The cashier was amazed and the people in the lineup were touched. So if people say young folks are indifferent, i bet to differ, they are amazing.

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