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25 Choices that Lead to Happiness

--by Nancy , posted Apr 11, 2013
Quarter century markers have a certain weight carried with them; a recognition that much has come before to get to 25 and that there is much to follow before the half century marker arrives.
April 16 marks what would have been or what is, depending on your perspective, Josh’s 25th birthday. Since he left this world at age 15 ½ in October 2002, the number associated with his “missed” birthdays did not have a particular poignancy, other than 16 and 21(these are birthday markers in our culture for everything from driver’s licenses to an ID that allows you to legally consume alcohol and presents you as an “adult”). 
Yet, 25 evokes a feeling I can’t quite put my finger on, yet I know it is there and I know I am struck by the power of this number.
What could I do with it? What could I do for Josh? He gave us 21 Ways to Celebrate Life (see previous posts). So, it hit me last night, I could offer a stream of consciousness list of 25 CHOICES that Lead to Happiness. Isn’t that something we all seek, amidst the challenges that life presents and the joys which we so welcome?
So, in honor of Josh I share with you 25 CHOICES that Lead to Happiness. 
And please add or substitute what resonates for YOU about the choices you make that lead to your happiness, as well as for those around you!

1. Forgive be gentle to your heart and Spirit.
2. SMILE....often.
3. Get good SLEEP every night.
4. Eat healthy. Splurge periodically!
5. Keep your body fit and agile.
6. Be kind to strangers you encounter.
7. Express GRATITUDE...constantly....for your blessings.
8. Prayer. If you feel God is distant, it isn't God who moved.
9. Meditation. The resulting stillness is the portal to reaching your inner peace and connecting to the Universe, the source of infinite possibilities.
10. Listen to the voice of your HEART.
11. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts....or with expressions of gratitude for things big and small.
12. When someone is mean to you or causing you stress, shoot back at them with love as your ammunition...silently or aloud. Sounds impossible? Try it. Success comes with practice and a commitment to overcoming anger and expectations.
14. Look at challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
15. Accept the moment as it is.
16. Vision what you want to see in your life rather than focusing on what you want to go away. Your thoughts have energy and attract more of what you're thinking about.
17. Ask for HELP when you need it. We cannot function alone in this world.
18. Give money to people in need, without judgment.
19. Do things that are FUN...regularly. Be playful!
20. Have and take care of at least one plant in your home.
21. Listen to your inner voice, the one that says, "Don't say that to him/her." Or, "I need to go to bed now; I'm exhausted!"
22. Verbally tell those you love that you love them.
23. Take breaks from technology. For a day a week or for a few hours each day....not including when you are asleep. And shut off your devices at least one hour before bed. (Advice from The Sleep Ambassador®)
24. Look in the mirror and say, "I LOVE YOU" 100 times every day. When you go beyond believing this to KNOWING it, reduce the number of repetitions. If you are already there, you are most fortunate!
25. Add your own choices to the list, whatever leads to YOUR happiness!
Wishing you an abundance of happiness!
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Readers Comments

odile wrote: Thank you i find it so complete:-)
Stuart Young wrote: Find ways to make others happy - and this will make you happy. :)
Mani wrote: Love u amma.
BDhanda wrote: Thank you for sharing this, i am sure 'josh' is smiling from above and thanking you for touching so many souls in his memory. I find what helps me lift my spirits in those dark days is that i start to thankful for all the good souls i know and all the goodness i have seen around me which enables me to do the same!
Dhananjay wrote: Thank you so much!

sendinggratitude wrote: Thank you for sharing this with the universe. May god bless you and your family. I am certain josh is smiling from above. In reading your post ithink of the quote 'the soul would have no rainbow had the eyes had no tears'. Your soul is full of rainbows that you chose to share with us. I express my gratitude for this. Number 8 resonated most with me and it is do true. We all have the spark within us its up to us to ignite it. I would add tell kids jokes regularly. Laughter keeps you connected to others and enjoying the now!
Tony wrote: Shoot back with love! I can do that (need practice! ) thanks
bubblehugfairy wrote: Beautiful tribute and wonderful choices for us all to make as often as possible. I live most days in happiness & joy no matter what is going on.

I would add "hug someone" to your list.

Consider yourself hugged! <3
Cynthia DuBois wrote: I, too, needed some inspiration this morning. Thank you for transforming your grief into something positive for all of us. I agree 25 is a special number. Don't know why, but it is.
Charisse wrote: This is great sweeite, i needed some inspiration this morning.

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