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Healthy Hand

--by Judy Abbott, posted Aug 7, 2006
I run a quite large Glyconutritional company and i travel all over the world helping people with their health challenges. Quite often I give these supplements to people who are ill and cannot afford these products. It would be nice to have some smile cards to give to these people. Thank you
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marvis wrote: Hello,
i'd love to help you,i don't know much about Glyconutritional company,so i will like to know about it.and where it is located.i will help with any amount u need,in helping those people all u have to do is to tell me more about your self and the company.then ask It would be nice to have some smile cards to given to those people. Thank you

Anh-Kim Phung wrote: I'd love to help you how many would you need? We can hand make these or we can buy them. It will take some time to organize the effort if it requires more people. Also what else do these poor people need?

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