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A Day At Bell Mobility

--by Christina, posted Aug 9, 2006
I work for Bell Mobility.

Recently I had a customer in my store who was fairly aggitated about his monthly bill. We talked for a good 20 minutes, not about the bill, rather his theory that there was no good left in this world.

The instant the words slipped from his mouth, I was thinking to myself 'gotcha!' While he wasn't looking, I slipped a smile card into the envelope for his bill with a the words 'think not of all the misery in this world, but of the beauty that remains.' He didn't notice, which was perfect and left my store.

Two hours later, he drove back (through a terrible storm might I add) and walked into the store holding the card in his hand and a big ol' genuine smile on his face. He said, 'This is exactly what the world needs... more kind people like yourself.' He gave me a hug and off he went.

I watched him leave the parking lot outside and sighed in relief... ah, nothing better than a good days work.
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thaata wrote: The glass is not half empty but it is half full. Thanks for reminding that beauty is still left in this world for us to enjoy.
Jen wrote: Way to go sis! Just found your story.
Tolu wrote: I agree - that is exactly what the world needs. Thank you Christina for being the change and inspiring us all to do the same because we always have the opportunity.
Suchitra wrote: That's absolutely right!Thanks for reminding us about this beautiful truth

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