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An Old Friendship

--by ram mohan, posted Apr 15, 2006
This is about an incident which took place couple of years back.

I used to frequently visit an old age home run by the little sisters of the poor in our city Hyderabad. A.P. (India) There I met a gentlemen by name Kurien who happened to be a Keralite in his late eighties. He served the Indian army and retired. He has one son who is well educated and also married. He just does not bother to take care of him nor respect him while he is in the house.

Mr. Kurien got dejected with the life in his house and decided to move into this old age home here in Hyderabad. We both began to share a lot thoughts whenever we met and slowly it was a daily affair that I used to spend some time with him discussing what he was doing in the army, their daily schedule, march pasts camps food fun etc., which he used to share with lot of joy.

I used to carry with me some snacks which we both used to sit under a tree and eat. I saw him really very happy in my presence. One day He told me with tears in his eyes "I really found a very good freind in you. I feel like living some more years to spend happy time iwth you."

As we departed, I told him "do not worry god will give you enough time to spend with me." I had an official meeting and could not the next day to the old age home. The day after when I reached the home his room was locked. I enquired and found that he was no more. He died the very night we both met last.

I really miss him. I have not given him any thing worth while. except that I used to listen to his words and share his thoughts.

Lets us share what we can.
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Readers Comments

Jyo wrote: You made him happy in his last days. Age doesnt matter in friendship. God bless you
suresh dash wrote: Yes. Listening is a beautiful thing, which has been beautifully emphasized in the book "how to win friends and influence people" by dale carnegie.
Stephen Weglarz wrote: Beautiful story. When we are truly listening we will see the person as they are now, without their past. And what is that? The love they are, as god created them. The good news is that the love we give we receive. That is god's law, for oneness is our reality.
Nora-Ann wrote: What a lovely storey. A friend of mine in the uk said "you should have your roses while you are alive not when your dead".

Icant think of any thing moor special than sharing time with some one. Love its the best nora
jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for being there for him
touched wrote: A very touching story! I am going to share this story with other people too because it is a good one!
TXWildflower wrote: Honey, you have him the best gift. Your time and your caring. God bless you!
touching wrote: This story made me get tears in my eyes
ivy wrote: You helped him to move on in his onward journey with a lot of dignity. God bless you
Emrald wrote: You have done really beautiful work,. Thanks 4 sharing.

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