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Waking Up to Cookies on My Car

--by bwawili, posted Jul 13, 2013
Yesterday around 9:30 am, as I was going towards my car, I noticed something box like on my windshield. At first I thought I may have gotten a ticket from the cops, but as I approached closer, there was a box of delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and a smile card! Thank you anonymous angel!

Later in the day, I had to make a run to my local library to pay off some overdue fines and pick up a book that I had on hold. I decided to keep few cookies for my parents to enjoy, and took the rest for the volunteers and staff at the library.

I approached the clerk at the counter to hand them the box of cookies.
"A small gift and token of appreciation for the staff and volunteers.
Would you mind putting them in the break room?" I asked.

She replied, "Oh wow! Thank you! Why don't you at least put your name on it, so we know who to thank." :)

"Can you tell them it is from a guest who has benefited significantly from the library being open?"  She answered, "Of course!"

We ended up going our separate ways. :) A small act that paid intangible dividends. :)  And yes, I did have to pay my overdue fine, but it was with a smile. :)
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crothbau wrote: What a great way to pay forward kindness! I'm sure the librarian didn't expect this sort of treatment from someone with an overdue fine!
kinderheart wrote: What a great day for you to give and receive kindness. Hope that the ripples of your kindness will travel beyond that library. Thanks for sharing.
Rash wrote: Thank you sharing your experience and spreading kindness.
cabbage wrote: Yay! Thanks for paying it forward to the wonderful library staff :-)
And what a wonderful surprise to find cookies instead of a ticket!
Stuart Young wrote: This is in the same vain as paying it forwards and random acts of kindness - i'm seeing this so often these days it fills me with positivity for the human race in the face of so much bad news we hear each day. It's spurring me on to start my own rak practice. :)
miller wrote: I'm living in a big city in europe where we are often confronted by less peaceful strangers.

Thank you for this positive story. It helps me to focus on "the good" in each of us.

Mohandas wrote: Yes, giving is great, but giving without expecting nothing in return, is the greatest.
Elva wrote: Thanks for taking a few moments to tell us about this and include the photo. It's fun to get new ideas and that is one i definitely plan to do. Leave cookies with a smile card somewhere.
unicorn.7 wrote: Wow ty for sharing and how you kept it going
Dobby wrote: Gee, is this the first time someone on the site got tagged? We're usually the ones doing the tagging! What a great surprise, and it's wonderful that you kept it going.

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