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Adventures In Babysitting

--by cabbage, posted Jul 29, 2013
I had offered to watch a friend's children so she and her husband could go out to watch a movie. She was delighted with the offer - but didn't get around to fixing a day. 
So, finally, I picked a date and asked her if she was free. She was really excited and looking forward to her night out. 
On the day of the babysitting her husband e-mailed me and told me it was her birthday! I hadn't known that! He told me he would bring over a cake after the movie, when they came to pick up the kids. 
The kids had a great time (and so did we!) We made cookies together, played games, and so on. Then, when their parents came back we had a surprise birthday party with cake and ice cream and sparkling juice. We made music together and it was very festive! My friend said it was the most special birthday she had celebrated in a long time.
I was so happy!
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LouLou wrote: There are no coincidences everything happens for god's reasons, in his will. He will bless you for being so kind to do this for your friend. A nice birthday for her and made wonderful memories for everyone.
Rash wrote: Great way to do act of kindness. Love it
DocSparsh wrote: Wow! Small little act for big celebration! Woman actually needs such gifts more than money or materialistic gifts. Well said & well done.
bluebell wrote: That was really awesome lovely cabbage :-)
roja wrote: Nice. You gave her a great gift.
denisemj wrote: Thanks for making your friend's birthday a Special Treat! Smiles :):)
Mish wrote: Sounds magical. :)))
Dobby wrote: Oh, what a great birthday present you gave her!
FairyBubbles wrote: I love it when things work out like that.
jsmc10 wrote: Wow, how lovely, must've been fate :)

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