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A Simple Prayer

--by Shelley, posted Apr 16, 2006
As a single mom, it is often hard for me to provide those little "extras" my children seem to want.

About four weeks my 11 yr old son came home from school to inform that the musical instrument he had made from recycled products was chosen to be sent to the NYS Green Nation Recycling Competition in Albany.

There was a note from his teacher informing that my son was invited to attend the competition but that parents were expected to fund this two day event for their children.

My son was estatic, but what was I to do. I didn't have that kind of money, this trip was going to cost $300!

Well, my son immediately began do odds jobs for family memebers so he could earn some money towards the trip, and I began to work as much OT at work to put a little extra in as well.

We prayed every night that somehow we will raise the money for my son to attend.

Last we got a telephone call from a member of the Deputy Sheriff's Association in our area, and this wonderful group of men and women have come together to sponsor my son so he can attend this event!!!!!

My son is truly blessed.
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joanellenhoo wrote: I 'll bet the acts both you and your son did to fund the trip tipped the scales of karma. The trip will mean so much more because of hard work and extra kindness.
jsmc10 wrote: Bless him, this is amazing, i hope he had a good time :)
josietn wrote: Wonderful! I'm so glad he gets to go!
sandi wrote: I don't have a story necessarily to share, i just wanted to say i love all of you that give your time and talents to keep this website/newsletter going. I know about hard times, hitting rock bottom and lonliness. You all have helped me though many days. For that i am thankful and blessed.

Hugs and smiles
bookworm58 wrote: So happy your son got to go on a special trip with help from people who cared so much for him.

Please share more stories in the future.
nyny wrote: Wow! This is a great story god has blessed him. We should be happy that we have a lord in earth. Pray for help and god will provide you just have to trust in the lord jesus christ.
ness wrote: That is truely awesome. I've always been told,give it to the lord and do not worry about it,he will provide
iferlamb wrote: I'm so glad it worked out! What we need will be provided.

genesis4kt wrote: Aw. God provides where there is a need and knew how important this trip was for your son and for you providing the means for him to be able to attend. :)
Aurelia wrote: Wonderful!I'm so glad everyone worked together to he could attend...and then a surprise at the end when he got sponsored. God is good. ~Aurelia

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