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A Moment of Truth... and Ice Cream

--by strugglingmom, posted Sep 1, 2013
I recently had a touching moment with my son.  These past few months have been a huge struggle for me due to medical issues that put me behind on by bills.

Finally, I had $10 in my purse for once, and I decided to give it to my 11 year-old son. He is always asking me for a simple dollar to buy something from the ice cream man. :)  The ice cream man came and I watched through the window as my son and his friends bought ice cream and candy.

One boy stood in the back and happened to have no money. This boy has been in school with my son since kindergarten, and his mother had passed away when he was only in the first grade, at 6 years old.

Out of all the children, my son was the only one who handed him money to buy ice cream. Upon seeing this, my eyes filled with tears. In that moment, I was the proudest mother ever!
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frcbazyouros wrote: You've done a great job! Keep uo the good work!
AnaMacario wrote: Has a mom to be the thing i most aspire is to teach my child to be as toughtfull as you teach your son to be! I hope i can do it, as good has you did*
cheese wrote: Your son has such a beautiful heart! Im sure he learnt that from you ;)
sabrina wrote: You are blessed with a beautiful son. God bless you and him. Smilesss. I pray that things work out for you for the better.
GKRB wrote: God bless both of you!
rash wrote: Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. He learned from you!
AliceHuang wrote: You have a son to be proud of! :)
Dobby wrote: Your son is learning from you! Good job! You're teaching him what's most important.
Mish wrote: Aw, sweet child! Bless the both of you. Kind heart :)))
strugglingmom wrote: :) he never mentioned he had done that so I never brought it up either.

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