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How someone's presence can make a difference

--by petroskryf, posted Aug 29, 2013
In the midst of our grief after our only child passed away, a parent who had suffered the same terrible loss, came to our house.  She didn't talk much -- she was basically sitting shiva with us -- a beautiful Jewish custom where the family of the deceased gathers in one home and receives visitors.  When she talked, we could listen.  She taught me the importance of just being there for someone with your presence, and without all the answers.  It's amazing how much can be communicated without words. And how much is said by simply showing up.
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James wrote: So sorry for your loss. I just watched a documentary which shows that just by having someone around you who has gone through, or is going through similar situations does wonders for your stress. Will keep you in my prayers.
rash wrote: Something i learned new from this. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!
Harp wrote: I am so very sorry for your loss. It seems that you truly are comforted by all who mourn with you. Peace.
AURELIA wrote: My sincere condolences. I can't imagine the pain your heart is feeling. Thank you for helping others realize they don't have to have the answers or speak words to comfort someone who is hurting. I have grabbed someone with a big hug and when I went to release, they wouldn't let go. I knew at that time that no words were needed...a deep connection.
Prayers for you and your loved one.
Dobby wrote: Something we forget, esp. here in the US where it's always talk, talk, talk.
Dobby wrote: Glad this person was there for you. Sorry for the loss of your child. Perhaps she was passing on something someone had done for her.
Mish wrote: When we sat shiva for my beloved sister, some of my deepest healing came from sitting with my closest friend holding my hand with sacred silence between us.
Loss of a child is probably one of the deepest losses to experience. I hope time is healing your hearts .
jsmc10 wrote: yes, sometimes there are no words to say because words are not enough, having someone there can mean so much and help so much, im so glad that you found each other, bless you both
StarBrite wrote: I'm so sorry for the loss of your child. The strength and calm you received from having someone with the same loss had to be comforting beyond words. Blessings to you.

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