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Chocolate bars, flowers, and a morning I'll always remember

--by smileswithhope, posted Aug 31, 2013
This morning, I arrived at my office a bit earlier to catch up on some emails. It was relatively empty, with people trickling in here and there. On the way to work today, I had also stopped by the grocery store to pick up some fruits to share with my colleagues during our morning meeting. I couldn't help it when I passed a fresh stack of yellow flowers on my way to the cash register... I had to pick some up, along with a few chocolate bars, to gift in some way.

With the office so empty, I decided to take the opportunity to pick a few random desks to plop the chocolate bars on. :) My heart raced a bit as I scurried through the office, headed towards cubicles and areas where no one had come in yet. :)

I placed one on the CEO's desk, and snuggled a smile card in between the chocolate bar and computer mouse. Then I swung by his assistant's desk and placed one there, and quickly put a third on a desk of a quiet gentleman on the other side of the building. 

Then, I went to the kitchen, filled two cups of water, and speed-walked into the bathroom. I took out the bunch of flowers from my bag, arranged them in two bunches, one in each cup. We have two single bathrooms side-by-side, so I placed one arrangement by the sink in each one.

Finished, with a little sigh of relief, I stepped out of the bathroom and looked around me. The office was still pretty empty and the people closest to me were pretty occupied in a light Monday morning "How was your weekend?" conversation.

I smiled, and snuck back to my desk, heart still pounding with a "Secret Tagging Mission Complete" sense of exhilaration. 

I have no idea how they each received their gifts, but it sure brought a smile to my day! And to complete the circle, a housemate who had so sweetly packed my lunch for me today snuck a chocolate bar in there, which I couldn't help but place on the desk of our receptionist as I headed out of the office this evening.

She is almost always the first person in the office, and she always greets me with a smile when I come in. Maybe, tomorrow morning, this little gift can greet her. :)
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cheese wrote: Thats such a lovely act! Thanks for the inspiration ;)
debj wrote: You are amazing!
Sharyn wrote: Loved the story! What a great way to spread a smile!
roja wrote: You are soooo sweet. Thank u for sharing
petroskryf wrote: It's indeed the small things that count. We need more kindness like this.
Storme wrote: What a great idea and an easy way to make some people smile on a gloomy monday morning. :d
xenahugs wrote: I was so moved that you even gave your chocolate bar away! Hugs to you for your sweet operation!
lipstick1967 wrote: The joy that we get back ourselves from these acts of kindness is equal to the joy that the recipient gets. Good on you for your wonderful act of kindness. I'm sure you brightened many people's days.
Anny wrote: Beaaaautiful story! The secret mission sensation is the best! Great kindspring adventure, thanks for sharing :d
jcdery wrote: You are awesome! I too love that sense of exhilaration that comes with these "secret tagging missions" this morning i am planning my "mission" of the day - thanks for your inspiration!

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