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Extra Ordinary Tomatoes

--by petroskryf, posted Sep 6, 2013
I read an interesting quote today:  "You could spend your entire life chasing the horizon ... but you won't even scrape the surface of our universe.''  That made me think. Perhaps there are many times when we think we cannot make a difference in life, but for other people, we may be their universe.

Before I rushed off to office this morning, I picked a few tomatoes from my tiny garden (they grow in pots) for one of my colleagues. She lives in a flat and she was so grateful.

In reflecting on this gesture, I didn't really try to do a good deed. Rather, I simply intended to share the abundance that I have. And it didn't cost me anything.   After a huge loss in my life, I discovered the importance of wounded healers. They came to me when I needed them, and it's now up to me to pass on the relay stick. It's amazing how much we can share when we begin to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, everyday aspects of life.
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tigerback71 wrote: It's so rewarding to be able to help another person when you've been dented by life's blows. Somehow it's like a double payback when they smile with you.
peacehunter wrote: Wounded healers i love that xo hugs & light xo
vdo321 wrote: This always reminds me of the quote by Ghandi "Be the change you wish in the world" This is a good example of that - You are making a difference by being different- you put actions to words - may this inspire others to do the same
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Good for you! Every little thing matters and makes a difference in more ways than we know! :)
Mish wrote: I sometimes think that to be a Healer one must first have been wounded, for from pain, loss & suffering comes compassion & an open heart.
Garden fresh tomatoes are so wonderful .. Bless you for your kind heart.
Dobby wrote: I agree, Mish. Petro, I like the image of passing on the relay stick. Yes, when we've had such grace given to us, it seems only right to pass it onto someone else who needs it as well.
jsmc10 wrote: this was so wonderful of you, I bet they taste delicious :) it's true, after a big loss/life change or upheaval, you do come out changed and it makes you think about things in life

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