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Reconnecting a young women with her father

--by NanaHana, posted Oct 2, 2013
Decades ago I ended my relationship with my beloved fiance after another young woman made it her life's goal to have this talented man. 

I left but never stopped loving him.

We remained close and kept in contact by phone and rare visits until he died many years later. We always loved each other but because the shock of our ending was so traumatic for me I always refused to return to him. 

When he died, his friends treated me like his widow which, in a strange way, I was. 

Several years ago, I saw a note on the internet asking if anyone knew of him. I replied to it and learned it was from his daughter who had never known him. We eventually spoke on the phone several times. She is a well known singer. (Her father was a brilliant pianist and arranger.)

She wanted so much to know why she had never known him; she longed for him still. I was able to tell her everything about him and to send her his last, privately recorded, CD.

She told me later that she had taken it in her car to a quiet deserted place where she heard her father's music for the first time.

I also could tell her, truthfully, that he would have been so proud of her. I had been the singer he wrote for years earlier. I could tell her that he would have admired her talent as much as he would have loved her, had life allowed those things to happen.

Yesterday, as I Googled his name, I found a note from his daughter with a photo of her father in a last performance. The note read, "I am proud to be your daughter." 

I am so happy for her. I never had a father and I am deeply pleased that I could give her hers.
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SmileSharer wrote: Wow! Kudos to you for giving this girl the gift of a father!
Goldenlilly wrote: What a tremendous example of compassion and not holding grudges. Had you not been able to continue to love this man even after what you went through, you would not have been able to give this daughter a piece of her father. We can all learn from your story about how we treat others, especially exes. Blessings!
JJoyBug wrote: This was such a beautiful story, but the part that brought the tears really rolling was the last sentence. Super kudos to you. Perhaps it was a bit of a father-daughter reconnection energy that you never had. I had a father, but longed for our connections to be stronger. Perhaps that's why this touched me so, thanks so much for sharing and bringing such light and love into this young womans life
Mish wrote: Aw, tears in my eyes.. beautiful that you could "give" him to her. Many blessings.
Dobby wrote: What a lovely act of kindness. Not only your continued love for this man but sharing all you knew with his daughter. It's very sad that she never knew him when he was alive on this earth. But because of you, she has some connection with him now.
princessliz wrote: Oh, this is so beautiful.
I'm sorry that you lost someone that you cared for so deeply.
Thank you for helping this young lady.
I'm glad you both have something to go back to whenever you miss him, the music~
jsmc10 wrote: so beautiful, even through this sad time, I'm so glad there was a silver lining
AURELIA wrote: I am glad you were able to give her what her parents did not. It must have felt wonderful to give her a sense of love and approval from her father through you.
~ :0) Aurelia

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