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Five Dollars and a Lot of Love

--by Wes Bennett, posted Aug 23, 2006
After several months of having only one income suporting our household, we had been struggling to make ends meet.

One day, I took all the cash I had for the next week ($60) and went to buy groceries, as the fridge and cabinets were empty. I kept a running tab in my head of everything I was buying, even rounding up to the nearest dollar to make sure I didn't go over what I could afford.

Once the food and basic items we needed approached $60, I went to checkout and somehow the total came to $65. On the off chance that I had room on a credit card, I tried using two of them...both declined.

Getting very embarrassed, I asked the clerk what I could deduct that was about $5. Everything in my cart was important and it scared me that money was so tight. I didn't know how to decide.

Suddenly, the women behind me said "don't do that. Here, what do you need? $5...$10?" It was all I could do to keep from crying when I opened my mouth to say "thank you". She said, "you're welcome, I've been in that spot myself before, glad I could it forward."

It doesn’t matter how it comes back little increments, or all at once. Everything good we do, come back around to us and reminds us why it’s so important to take care of each other. We all may have our individual bodies and labels, but we all owe our lives to one energy.
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shera_55716 wrote: It is really very kind and heart rending story. In today scenerio it is really very

Strange to happen. Few simple comment is really nice than writing in lenght.
janelle.ford170 wrote: Yep been there too. And it was great to help out another like i had been helped. Paying forward is good.
Srujana wrote: Yeah! I believe for every good deed you do you will get more with interest paid some or the other day.
Doris wrote: Thanks for sharing your story..sometimes its hard to accept charity but I think most of us have been in your place before..good deeds do not go unrewarded we all have to answer for our actins at some point in time..
Suchitra wrote: Very true!Kindness begets kindness in the most unexpected manner & from unknown quarters.So dont hesitate to do a good deed & dont anticipate rewards, but do for the sake of the good and good is what you will receive and have.
nisha wrote: This is truly touching. Like you so well said, it's important for us to take care of each other in ways big and small.
Bobbo wrote: "One energy." When the world realizes that the name of that energy doesn't matter, that individual beliefs that lead to kindness and love are what is important, then experiences like yours will be more frequent.
Lorrine wrote: The Bible tells us that we are important to God and no matter what we go through He will never leave us nor forsake us. The sun will shine again so Wes just needs to trust God.

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