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A Little Time On The Elevator

--by Star, posted Aug 26, 2006
I was at a business meeting, and I had to run downstairs to pick up some documents. As I was hurrying to catch the elevator back upstairs to my meeting, an elderly woman stopped me and asked me to go on the elevator downstairs with her.

She explained that she was terrified of elevators and asked/begged if I could go with her downstairs to the street level. At first, I was going to ask her why she was afraid, and the doors were opening. I canned my question, just got on the elevator and went downstairs with her, and pointed which direction she should go. I got back in the elevator and went upstairs. My colleagues were a bit inconvenienced, but our meeting proceeded without a hitch.

Sometimes it takes a little time to be kind, sometimes you have to give up your priority to help someone make it to the street.
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Doris wrote: How awesome of you to take time from your schedule..I am sure it was hard for this woman to approach and reach out to you with her fears,,and you sent her on her way with a smile
christopher wrote: This has touched me very much as i am going through a difficult situation concerning my eldest sister.She's 30yrs an has never worked so she's kind of financially dependent on us (me &younger sister).But how can we stay KIND towards someone who's not prepared to stand up and work for herself?Our mother just passed away in March this year and our dad was never part of our lives so we sort of feeling being bulied by her manipulative tactics..Thanks for bringing a different perspective to humankind!!
naynay wrote: Good job :)

Yea sometimes we have our priorities, but God has other priorities in mind. It's always best to follow His path. Thanks for being a blessing to that lady!
Sue wrote: This story reminds me of the time that my father, who rented apartments to low-income people with mental health issues, left our house late one night with a broom. When he returned, he explained that one of his tenants saw little people coming out from under his bed. My father swept them away. The tenant was able to get a good night's sleep and to see his physician the next day for a change in medication.
Bobbo wrote: Often the smallest gestures make for the greatest moments in another person's life. And don't you feel much better about yourself for taking a moment to care and make a differece?
bill wrote: it's seldom wrong to do the right thing, knowing what the right thing is, as has been shown here is an eye opener. Thanks a million Bill Tucker
Vijay wrote: Dear

you are right. While we are occupied in our works, we think we are too busy to do anything else forget helping others.

Your narration is very natural.

Again you are right to say SOMETIMES atleast one has to give up his/her priority to help someone to Earn blessings and peace of mind.

Keep it up.

All the best.

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