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Two In A Taxi For Four

--by heartofflesh, posted Oct 15, 2013
The "share-taxi" normally wouldn't have left until it had four paying passengers in it. The only other passenger was a lady who seemed to be in quite a hurry, so I agreed to pay the remaining fares and got in.

Her mother had suffered a heart attack and this lady was going to collect her and take her to hospital. She started chatting, telling me how her two elder sisters do not care for her mother. She does all she can for her mother while having a husband and two children to look after. 

She had just pawned her jewels in order to raise money in a hurry.

She was glad to have someone to talk to until we reached her destination. I wished her well and said a silent prayer.
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myfbil wrote: Bless you for being so kind, not just in paying the extra but also lending an ear in time of need. Have a sunshine day! :)
Harry wrote: In today's world of fast living, where not many are concerned about others' problems, yours is a testimony of how one human could care for another. Even though the lady's two elder sisters did not care for their mother, your little act of kindness would have surely given her immense strength and hope to cope with her situation. Thank you for doing this for the troubled lady.
debbe530 wrote: You were in the right place at the right time. Bless you.
swwd wrote: Thank you for caring for it is a rare quality now days
Dobby wrote: Thanks for listening to her!
Mish wrote: That was good of you to do. Blessings.
princessliz wrote: ~Praying that she gets the additional help that she needs to care for her mom.
Thanks for listening to her and sharing this story. \o/
jsmc10 wrote: bless you, thank you for being there for these people and listening to the woman, I hope get mother recovers well :)

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