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Gamblers Anonymous

--by John, posted Sep 6, 2006
Hi, my name is John. I am a recovering compulsive gambler. I was free from a bet for 10 years from 1986 till 1996 and I can honestly say those were the 10 best years of my life.I had a beautiful wife that i learned to love more then my gambling. I had a great house, great job, and 2 nice cars in the driveway. I was doing everything that Gamblers Anonymous was teaching me, how to stay free from a bet one day at a time. It was suggested for me to get a sponser and go to a lot of meetings and read the steps of recovery and do them. Ask for a higher power to be put in your life. So I ask God to be my higher power. Because i was the higher power for a long time and i was not doing anything right in my life but making things worse. I was even more happy because my wife at the time was in Gam Anon. That is a place for families, and friends, can go to get the help they need. To understand the gambling problems in there lives and how they can live a much better life with the compulsive gambler.

Well I have some sad news to tell you after my life was going so good. I stop going to G.A. stop calling my sponser and all the beautiful friends I met in the G.A. program and I put God on the side lines. I stayed out there gambling FOR 9 years. When I was in the program my sponser would tell me, "if you go back to gambling it will get worse," and he was so right.

I lost my beautiful wife, and my house, my job, and my car in the driveway. I gave that beautiful life I had all away because I allowed myself to go back to gambling. Thinking I could do it own my own.

Well the good news today is that I forgot to tell you. I have and 8 year old son name Jared. That my wife and I had before we were divorced. He was 2 years old when I went back out to gamble. I am very grateful to God Jared never knew I had a problem with gambling. About 16 months ago Jared came up to me and said "dad nana keeps trying to get me to scratch lottery tickets with her and i keep telling her i dont want to." So I told Jared to tell his mom and he did and he told me nana doesn't ask him anymore. I new his nana had a gambling problem. But I didn't want to tell him that because he would find out all about me. I want to tell you what my son Jared also said to me. He said, "dad I am so glad you dont gamble I hate gambling."

That was my wake up call from God. I am so very grateful today that God gave my son that message to tell me. Because I belive that as Jared got older I would have been teaching him how to gamble with me. Today I am forever grateful to God and my son for giving me a second chance in life. I am now back in G.A. with 16 months free from a bet and taking the program very seriously, as serious as I took my gambling. I am helping the new people that come in to the program in any way I can to make there lives better. I love giving them a smile of my own and welcome them to there first meeting. Then I put a smile card in with the package kit we give to new people at their first meeting.

I want you all to know that I have a wonderful life with my ex/wife today and my beautiful son Jared and most of all with my higher power. Who I chose to call God and I am forever grateful to all of you at Smile for allowing me to smile again and being able to make someone else smile. God bless you.
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Joy wrote: John I too am in recovery and I try very hard to remember that I only need to do it "one day at a time" I have been in recovery for 16yrs and 9 mths on the calendar. But I know my Higher Power whom I choose to call God Walks with me on a daily basis and He doesn't want me to go too far ahead in my walk with Him.
God Bless you and your faamily
Gloria wrote: John,
Good for you!.I have a husband who drinks and feels he can stop on his own. He has been in the hospital for pancreatitis 2 times and now he trying again not to drink on his own. Its been 3 weeks and he drinks diffrent flavored sodas and seems happy. He says he feels good and is exercising. I'm so worried he won't be able to handle this on his own. He does say he'll drink a beer at the up coming christmas holiday parties. Please pray for him to be stronger than that. I love him and don't want him to fail again. God Bless you for being strong enough to do what was right for yourself, your child and family. Enjoy a happy life.
JOHN wrote: Thank you Joy for reading my story.It is so wonderful to know we are both bless with God in are lifes.I love how you said He doesn't want me to go too far ahead in my walk with Him.That is so very true.Joy with the 16years and 9months you have in your recovery it is great to know you have knot allowed your self to walk ahead of GOD.Thats why you have the beautiful recovery that you have in your life today.I also live my life one day at a time to. Because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here so it is so much easy to just stay in the day and i am very grateful to god for allowing me to do so.Joy have a wonderful day God loves you and so do i. Your loving and caring John.W..........
JOHN wrote: Hi,Gloria thank you for reading my story.I am sad to here about your husbands drinking.I lost my father to drinking. Because he said he could do it on his own.I took him to his first A.A.meeting and then a couple more meetings. But then he stop going to meetings and i was going crazy trying to fix him.But my sponser from G.A.said John maybe you should go to al-anon so you can learn how to let him go and turn him over to God and get the help you need to take care of your self.I was so glad i listen to him because al-anon help me so much with my life.Gloria please try a couple of al-anon meetings i am sure you will be glad you did.I will be glad to pray for your husband that he goes into A.A. God and i know he cant do it on his own and i will also pray for you and your family to be able to live a much better life that you all deserve to live.Gloria please feel free to email me I would love to talk to you more and see how things are going hang in there things will get better.God loves you and so do i.Your loving and caring John.W...
Rocky wrote: AMEN! Keep beeing strong!
Cyndy wrote: John,
I am very happy for you and your son. I know what it's like to have an addiction and how hard it is to shake. You hang in there and keep smiling! Your story was the first one that I have read being brand new to this site. Thank you!

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