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Book-marking The Anniversary

--by joyannie, posted Oct 18, 2013
I am an artist amongst other things. Wherever I go I always feel the urge to brighten the world up through color and art.  

Last year I donated more than eighty hand-drawn and laminated bookmarks for my local library to do with as they wished. They ended up selling them for $.50 each to help with library funding.  

This year the library is celebrating it's 150th birthday, and I am drawing like crazy to make another donation before the big event.  

This morning I counted thirty-three done, and I'm not even nearly finished yet!
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Rajni Gohil wrote: I am still waiting for library address where i can mail book marks, quote cards and hand made greeting cards of very good quality that they can sell easily and generate income for good cause.
Rajni wrote: Thanks, your posting inspired me to write my own. We are sailing in the same boat, unknowingly.

We mutually can brighten our world. I do make many quote cards laminated with magnet attached, book marks and greeting cards and give them freely. Together we can do better. My email id is rajnigohil@hotmail. Com. Living in new york.

I have been making and giving many many quote cards, book marks and greeting cards to people for more than 4 years. .
Rajni wrote: I want to send some book marks, quote cards and beautiful (that is what people say on looking at it) hand made greeting cards. Thanks.
Rajni Gohil wrote: Please provide me school's mailing address and contact name so i can mail them book marks and greeting cards some of them can easily sell for $5 and generate income to library. Thanking you. Rajni
Mish wrote: That is so wonderful to do..... kudos!!!!!
Creative kindness.
jsmc10 wrote: so fantastic! I hope that you will put pics up of some of your artwork :)
FairyBubbles wrote: I really love what you are doing. (((HUG)))

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