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Blanket from God

--by Raghu, posted Sep 18, 2006
I was on my way to get some books for school, when I saw two old men sitting and talking in the sun near the bus stand. What struck me about them was not their stance, but rather their attire. Both were wearing old and torn clothes, one was barefoot and the other had on broken sandals. As of late, I’ve been keeping my eyes and heart open for opportunities to serve. Stocked with clothing, it’s my job to find these items an appropriate new home.

The men were engrossed in their conversation and did not pay heed to me as I inched closer to hear their words.

“In these winter months, we’re lucky that the sun shines so brightly in the day and offers some heat in the cold, but what are we going to do at night? My blanket is thin and torn and offers no protection from the cold.”


Knowing that they would sit there for a while, I went to our clothing stash and quickly got two blankets.

Again, they did not see me approach.

“Here you go uncle,” I said as I handed each a blanket. “It’s cold these days. These blankets might be of some use to you.”

Words can’t describe the surprise on their faces as I handed the blankets to the men. One of the men reached to take the dust from my feet (a sign of great respect, typically done by the young to the old). “Son, you are our God. We were just talking about how we are going to face the cold at night and you appeared with blankets.”

“No uncle, do not say that I am God. God sent me here to answer your prayer. All I ask if that you pray that I may of service to more people.”
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Readers Comments

jessicah wrote: I wish there were more people like you, xox blessyou
sonshine wrote: You were a blessing to those gentlemen! God bless you for doing His service! This makes me want to get dressed this morning and get out and about and find someone to help today. Many blessings to you. :)
krystie wrote: God bless u 4 that act of kindess.Believe me this is the whole essence of Christianity.Kip the good work.
Little Texas wrote: You did this on my birthday, how good of you, it made my day feel special to know that there are still many good people in the world. Thank you
Tess wrote: That was so sweet! It is wonderful to know that there are good people in the world. God bless.
songdeva wrote: awesome! thanks for inspiring me.
Maryam wrote: Wow, this is what I feel is the purpose of us human beings to assist to one another's needs. This is such a nice way to help others who have so much less than most of us.

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