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--by Molly Sinclair, posted Sep 7, 2006
I am the Manager of Hospital Operations, working steady nights in a busy metropolitan hospital. I plan to leave cards with coffee money, snack money, and anything else I can think of, to boost morale and cheer the very stressed staff in all the units and on all the floors. I found a card by our coffee machine in the Emergency Room. What a GREAT idea!!! I'll keep it going!!
God Bless!!!
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Noah wrote: I am fortunate enough to have a good job that allows me to occasionally travel to big cities. When I am there my company pays for everything which makes me feel so fortunate. In return, I pay it forward by purchasing food each night and walking the streets to find some people who needs a yummy hot meal. My favorite group are these three homeless men in Atlanta who are always reading novels when I come see them. They love hot apple pie with ice cream!
Michelle wrote: Do people find that certain people are nicer (depending where you're from) or what city you live in)? I don't find the people here in Queens, New York nice at all, so I plan to move back to Florida real soon! I find in a fast paced city, they don't have time or patience to care, or even offer help at all....everyone is into themselves!
Lilli wrote: I moved from a small friendly town to a large city in Silicon Valley. I noticed that people don't smile or greet you as they pass you on the street or by your house. Even young children on their way to or from school silently walk by as if you aren't there. So I am changing that by saying hello to as many people as I can.
Change will never happen waiting for someone else do it. Change is waiting for Me to do something.
We can either run to our comfort zone, or do the loving work it takes to change things, right where we're planted

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