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--by Sam T., posted Sep 11, 2006
I was given a smile card a few weeks ago and I absoloutely love the idea. I really enjoy doing nice things for pepople, and its good to know there are other people who support it as well. I live in a dorm, and everyone on my floor uses the same microwave. Needless to say, it gets very dirty. The janitor is so sweet and never says anything negative about it. I was going to clean out the microwave and counter around it and leave some cookies and a card for her right before she gets there. also, I was going to leave quarters and a card in the washing machine and dryer for some people who may be short on money. My dog recently passed away, so I was going to donate a bunch of unused dog food, treats, and toys with a few cards to my local animal shelter. I'm always giving whatever food I have in my car (fast food, apples, soda, water, cookies, etc.) to homless people I see at intersections when I'm driving, and it would be nice to have cards to give them a smile as well. You guys are awesome! thanks for the cards.
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