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Bridge Toll Tradition

--by Frank, posted Sep 12, 2006
My finace and I were approaching the toll bridge that we cross often as we go to visit her Mother. We paid our toll and the toll of the car behind us which we did not know. This is a custom that we had adopted from my mother that passed away in 2003. But I got tagged with a smile card the day before at the light rail staiton and had it in my front pocket. So we asked the toll attendant to please take our money for the car behind us and give them the smile card as they passed through. We hope they pass it on. I ordered cards and plan to use them to chear up staff at work and pass the message to as many people as possible.
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jessicah wrote: Inspiring.

It is almost everydaay i hearr people say oh tolll prices going up oh this and that,

How can i afford a new this and that if im spenfing my money on crap?

I live in a world of people like that, and then i read this!

It may be simply, yes, but you have amazing morals,and you could've made a little kids ears much better with no parent nagginnf about toll prices,

Thankyou i am grateful.
Tigerlily wrote: Frank, this was a nice jesture. Interesting that all this time nobody made a nice compliment to you.

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