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Use Your Talents

--by Lilli, posted Sep 10, 2006
I love helping people who are depressed. I was abused for many years beginning from childhood, a 14 year abusive marriage to an alcoholic. He criticized me DAILY, was unfaithful & battered me, whenever his anger got to a certain point.

I had absolutely no self-esteem. I constantly worried or was in fear. I was sad all the time. I felt I was lower than a rock sitting on the ground. I began to search for mental wellness, found it, did the hard work of re-training my mind. I actually have learned to choose not to feel upset in situations I would have fallen apart in the past. I have learned how to remain calm, not feel offended or attack, & actually begin to minister to those that get a kick out of belittling others. I have shared this knowledge with many people along the way, especially in church. Now I live alone and don't have an opportunity to do so very often. I moved so I don't attend that church anymore. But recently I was told about Craigslist, on the internet and whenever I find a post listing a person wishing for advice, or they're feeling lonely, depressed, heartbroken over a lost relationship, I respond. It is heart warming to me, to be able to reach out and help to enlighten them & give them hope. And tools to help themself. And, of course, this helps me to not feel lonely, living alone. I am so very glad I went through all that abuse in my past & was able to become the person I would not have been had I not been abused. I can speak with authority when I say, "You can learn how to not feel sad". I am truly a very blessed & grateful person today.
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Aurelia wrote: Lilli, I hope you are doing well and that you are able to move on with your life in a positive way. Have you ever been to alanon? They might be able to help you sort things out. God Bless.
millie wrote: thankyou for being strong and corageous with everything, you have truely inspired me.xx luv millie

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