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Kindness on my Doorstep

--by mrgreen, posted Sep 14, 2006
I came home from work one day to find some business cards and a card holder in the street.  Not much, but I figured the person might want them so I called the number only to find out the person was a seasonal employee.  No worries, I thought I would just throw the cards out since they didn't seem to be of much value.  

A few hours later I saw a police car driving down the street, which is unusual.  As I went out to see what was going on I saw an envelope on my front porch.  It was a package of food stamps or food checks for mothers with young children.  There were enough checks to last through October or November and interestingly the name matched the name from the business cards. 

I called the office that issues the checks, but they were closed so I called one of the business cards that belonged to another person.  I explained the situation and asked that they give the owner of the items my phone number so she could get in touch with me.  The owner of the cards called me back to say that she was very grateful that I found them, because her purse was stolen out of her car.  It seems that the thief had fled down my street and had tossed the 'worthless' items out. 

The office that issues the checks requested that I return the checks to them (presumably for the safety and security of the mother), which I did with a Smile Card enclosed. 
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thaata wrote: Very kind of you to spare time to return the items to the owner. Goodness is always appreciated.
Sandy wrote: I am sure your kindness will be remembered by this lady. We can hope she will pass it along to others.
india wrote: So kind of you to track down the owner most people would have keep it! (:
Doris wrote: How kind and thoughtful of you to take the time and effort to "track" down this woman sounds like she really needed the extra help and she will remember your kindness and pass it on..

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