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The Perfect Time For Dinner

--by cabbage, posted Oct 31, 2013
I made a dinner for a single mom and her boys after learning yesterday that she is working extra hours when they are at their dad's house so she can spend more time with them when she has them. 

Because of that (and health problems) she is very sleep-deprived. She is also worried about one of her sons' health situation. 

I put a lot of love (the secret ingredient!) into the dishes. Then I called her and said I wanted to bring dinner over for her. She answered by saying, "Really? What's the occasion?" 

I said, "I just wanted to bring you dinner today." 

She told me that her son had just asked, "What's for dinner?" and she replied that there was nothing in the fridge so they might just have to settle for cereal! 

She was totally floored by the timing. She said that it never happens that their fridge is totally empty!  

Needless to say I was thankful that this idea came to me at the right time! Happy, happy day!
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czgavilan wrote: Synchronicity! The coming together of need and supply in perfect timing. This story is a beautiful example of it! Beautiful, just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this lovely motivation and its outcome.
mandymoo900 wrote: That was such a loving act. May god bless you!
adreao527 wrote: Beautiful. Thank you for sharing ❤️
herkaoly wrote: I thought this story was so majestic. May only good and better things come your way. (:
jsmc10 wrote: this was such a beautiful act cabbage :)
Dobby wrote: I can imagine Mary turning to Jesus and saying, "Hey, they have no supper tonight! Do something about this!"

"Ok, Ma, let's see...Cabbage can do it!"

Then zing! comes the inspiration to Cabbage and Cabbage becomes a human angel!
Mish wrote: You were her Angel!

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