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Sharing Muffins For Breakfast

--by nancyvail, posted Nov 1, 2013
When I go to my favorite coffee shop in the morning they serve yesterday's muffins in bags of three or four for a knock-down price.  

I usually buy a bag, have one, and give the rest to someone I see on the street who needs it. 

It is a small thing and costs very little, but it means that two people get to eat.
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brindlegirl wrote: I'd say it isn't a small thing at all. Can you imagine if we all did that, can you imagine if each and everyone of us bought one small item to give to someone in need. No one would be hungry. I love how thoughtful you are, i love that you think of others every time you get a muffin. What a beautiful soul you are xox
jsmc10 wrote: :D so great :)
Mish wrote: Your "muffin-kindness" is Yummy! :)))
Dobby wrote: I'd say it's a win-win for everyone: the food doesn't get thrown out and wasted, you get a low cost treat, AND get to pass it onto others.

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