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Service With a Smile

--by karmaklimber, posted Sep 27, 2006
Last night a friend and I went to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant.  After we were seated it took a while before anyone came to take our order, and eventually a nice waitress stopped by our table and asked if anyone had served us yet.  We said, "No", and she was incredible apologetic and said there was a mix-up and they weren't sure which server was assigned to our table.  For the rest of the evening she was super nice and friendly, and kept checking in with us to make sure we were doing okay.  Then when we got our our bill she hadn't charged us for our drinks! 

So in the spirit of paying it forward, since she had been so kind as to do that for us, I decided to leave her a $20 tip (our meal was only about $10) and a smile card :)
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kalbesa wrote: your smile service is very intereting.keep it up.
jananigviyer wrote: if every individual of this world treats people with the same kindness,respect,politeness and smile.then world will be flooded with happiness and peace.

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