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Easter Surprise for a Teacher

--by naynay, posted Sep 28, 2006

There is one teacher at my school who's classes were particularly interesting. He actually taught us something new, something useful. About civilizations like the Kalahari desert people, or the secluded people of Orania in Africa and also the Amish. He would show us videos and was very involved in making his classes fun and not boring.

Soon after...I saw a movie called "pay it forward" and also found this website. I decided to surprise this teacher by putting some chocolate eggs into his mailbox at school.

I never found out what his reaction was, but I'm sure it was a nice surprise that he most definitely didn't expect!

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jess wrote: Yes, the movie is so beautiful, i cry everytime,
And it may have just been a small smile, but im sure the curiosety of who had done it kept his smil the rest of the day, your a good person,
And to show your gratefull of his passionete teaching,

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