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Sharing Birthday Love

--by hpotter, posted Sep 29, 2006

My sister is on the other side of the world.  I'm volunteerting in India while she's at home in Canada. While I can't be there physically to celebrate her birthday, I wanted to spread some love to mark the day.

I set off to the market to get ingredients for cookies when I saw an old man carrying a long rod with a weight on one end and a large tray holding food which he was selling on the other hand.  Perfect!

I went up to the man and took the rod off his shoulder and walked with him for the next half kilometer, talking to him and his grandson who appeared after a few minutes.  The grandfather and boy are the only regular income generators in the family.  The boy and granddad go out after the boy gets back from school.  After walking and talking to the wonderful pair, as I left them, it was a perfect opportunity to tag multiple people at once.  I handed the grandfather some money. He would use the money to feed some poor kids and/or elderly on his way home that night.

 When I got home from the market, we made the cookies and shared them with those nearby to mark my sister's birthday.

After "baking", we distributed candies to over 200+ kids.  The children were amazing, from this part of the world they sang happy birthday with tons of love and enthusiasm.  Even though my sister couldn't be there, I'm sure she got their heartfelt good wishes.

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Doris wrote: Thanks for sharing,,I can feel your love for your sister and family is so important,,and by sharing that love with others we all get to feel that "warm" glow..
QT wrote: I love this story. I see rays of love energy from you and the children arching across the world, touching your sister, and into the cosmos for us all.

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