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Saving The Smiling Turtle

--by Sisip, posted Nov 5, 2013
It was a hot day and my mom and I were driving down our street. Mom saw a moving lump right in front of the car and screeched to a stop. 

I stepped out and saw a turtle limping along the road. My mom got out after me and we worked together to lift this heavy creature of of the road onto the grassy strip at the edge of the road. 

It seemed to me like the turtle smiled a little before slowly wandering off into the grass. I laughed before running back to the car.
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seasoul12 wrote: Love this. Ty :)
violet wrote: I saw a turtle about to cross a four land street in my town. I'll never understand how it came about but he/she was actually walking down the sidewalk!
I pulled around to the side of the corner and carried her into my car.
Less that two minutes later i released her into the river stream that is at the end of our property.
I learned that red box turtles are indigenous to our waterways!
happytotoro wrote: Wonderful! :)
lcmiddlesworth wrote: Awesome! My children have brought home many hurt turtles over the years. We would always call the vet, do what they advised and several saved turtles. :-)
gj1 wrote: Thank you for saving the turtle.
meggent wrote: That is a very sweet story! Thank you!
janmarieburns wrote: All too often we treat other sentient beings as if they have less rights, their feelings are less important or their lives are to ended without thought. Thank you for saving the turtle's beautiful life!
Mish wrote: You are a delightful spirit. :))
princessliz wrote: Happy that it was spared. Thanks for making a difference to that turtle. :)
Sisip wrote: :D

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