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Welcome To The Kindness Game

--by insanestar, posted Nov 7, 2013
I am a member of a blogging site and through sharing my stories and commenting on other people's I have made a few good on-line friends. 

One of my friends wrote a blog about an unexpected electricity bill she was struggling to pay. She said her kind-hearted daughter was prepared to give up most of her wages from her summer job to help pay it off. 

I decided that this deserved a reward! 

I sent my friend an email asking her to trust me with her address. She did and I sent a little gift box filled with goodies for her daughter, and a card to let her know that she was being rewarded for being awesome! 

Today I found out that she received it and wants to join in the game of random acts of kindness - even though she's been doing it already!
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amywilford wrote: What a beautiful idea. Her daughter would have been so excited!
kmonica wrote: Great! I love the pay it forward that this instills in all who were part of this, all to whom the story would be told for years, and to all of us who now share the wealth.
jsmc10 wrote: oh wow! this was so wonderful! :D
Rash wrote: Thank you for inspiring kindness in future generation!! You rock.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Awesome, nice going! :)
starryskies wrote: Beautiful story, thanks for sharing. :) Love hearing about kindness ripples and full circle moments.
Mish wrote: Kindness ripples .....wonderful wonderful wonderful
Dobby wrote: Yay! The more the merrier!
unicorn.7 wrote: Yes the more we have the more kindness we can give
princessliz wrote: Ohhh, this is GREAT!!
Keep on inspiring! :)
Good on her for being so helpful.

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