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Calming the Storm Brings a Smile

--by wonderlink, posted Oct 1, 2006
I was working in the house of a dad and his two sons. The dad was feeling like his life was going out of his control, his partner having recently left him and was threatening to take his sons with her. He was frustrated about not getting his two young sons under his control to go through their old toys to figure out what to do with them. He was almost constantly correcting them for this and that no matter how small. It broke my heart as it seemed nobody was getting a moment of peace. I found it hard to think clearly about how to help. I didn't know for sure how to bring the father's behavior to his attention without making him feel criticized in a way that would exxaccerbate a viscious circle. I knew he was angry and fearful of losing control of his life. So what I did was to quietly ask for help inside myself about what to do. I did it right there silently and almost in passing. I just asked for assistance from whatever know-it-all's in the universe wanted to send some know-how my way. I didn't pray for half an hour or anything like that. I'd almost forgotten I'd done that when within a few minutes I received a call on my cell phone from a friend saying she was compelled to call. I told her these people I was working for could really use a break from each other. She said, "You just send them some peace. Send them light. That's what you do." I thanked her and she hung up. I did that and immediately - with no delay at all, they began playing together with no stress at all...for the rest of the afternoon! It was the most beautiful thing. I told the dad hours later who it was that called on my cell phone and what I did. I definitely got a smile out of him on that one.
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