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Seeking Everyday Opportunities

--by Atul Bahl, posted Oct 3, 2006
I went to the US OPEN... and getting into my car I noticed that the lady next to me left her lights on so I gave her a boost. She was so thankful that she wanted to give me money. I told her just do a favor for someone else. I think a lot of people have been doing this, but we forget to do this radom act of kindness, the cards will help us remember.
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Sharon Russell wrote: About 3 years ago I read a article in the
Chicago Tribune about a group of ladies
that would do kind things for strangers.
I thought to myself I want to be a part of such kind and nice people. I am still
looking for them, because I like to be kind to others, and ask nothing in return. Could you help me find this group.
Tess wrote: Wonderful! Thanks for helping.God bless.

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