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Exact Change Needed

--by reshma kurup, posted Oct 10, 2006
I was a regular commuter in the virginia bus as well as metro trains during my job in virginia a year back. I will carry the exact change needed for the day in the purse. One morning as I was traveling in the bus, one commuter got in the bus. Somebody new to the town and this kind of a traveling...he didn't have any change on him.

After he got in the bus, he was feeling embarrassed as he didnt have any change to be put in the change machine next to the driver. I was very sure I didnt have any extras. I still thought to give it a shot. And to my surprise I found the EXACT CHANGE in my purse which this person needed. I immediately took it out and gave it to him. He was so happy and thanked me. He said that he will return it the next time he is in the bus.

I never saw him again in the bus but just a few coins made a difference.
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Tess wrote: That was was a good gesture on your part. Don't worry, God will repay you, and may you be blessed. Thanks for sharing.

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