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Fees for an Exam

--by reshma kurup, posted Oct 10, 2006
My office is on the 11th floor in the central part of Bangalore city. One afternoon, I was by working by myself and a person walked into the office. He was physically handicapped and was walking with the help of a armrest. He asked for my boss because he had come earlier too to meet him. Unfortunately my boss wasn't in the office. When I asked him why he had come, he handed over a paper which was a letterhead of a school and the signature of the principal of the school at the bottom. The name said that the photo on the letter was that of his son. The man met with an accident few months back and was unable to do any work at this point and his son needed to pay the fees for the exams. There was three denominations written on the paper. The exam fee was Rupees 100 (a little over 2 U.S. Dollars). It seemed a very small amount for me but for that person it must be big. I removed a 100 rupee note from my purse and handed it to him. The man gave a surprised look and walked off.

I don't know if this person was genuine or not. But surely the happiness and the sadness on his face seemed one.
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yash wrote: Regardless of whether or not the person was genuine, I think you've created just as much positive vibe. Thanks for sharing.
Anurag wrote: Good for you!
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