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Everything You Need Is Right There

--by cabbage, posted Nov 11, 2013
I only just found out that a neighbor of mine had surgery two days ago. 

I wanted to take her a gift to cheer her up, but I couldn't go out to buy anything. So, I went out into my backyard and picked some flowers. I put them in an old glass jar which I covered with pretty butterfly paper. Then I took them over with a homemade card. 

I am planning to make some food for her family later. 

It's a good feeling, realizing that when you want to give everything you need is already there!
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spatric3 wrote: What nice gifts from the heart! I bet your neighbor will remember those more than gifts from a store.
Ammi wrote: What a personalize gift. I love getting such personal gifts way more than the store bought ones. It connects me better with the giver.
puppyfostermom wrote: Beautiful story. Handmade w/love is the best gift you can give.
kristinlaustin wrote: How very lovely! I'm sure your neighbour really appreciated your kindness @cabbage. I know my family have felt truly blessed with cards, casseroles and flowers in the last week with my mum in law's passing. I found out who my true friends were.
cwh1 wrote: Thanks so much for sharing this story. What you did took more time and effort than buying a plant or chocolates. Your gift was all about caring - and when she looks at it, she will think of your kindness. It says, "i care about you. "
lapislizard24 wrote: Neighbors like you are rare and welcomed. I have great neighbors too who helped out during hurricane sandy, and neighbors like you are such a blessing.
starryskies wrote: Sounds really lovely! Thanks for sharing and for being YOU!! XO :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is very thoughtful of you cabbage, nice going! :)
Dobby wrote: What a wonderful example of using what you've got. See, kindness doesn't require that we spend big bucks. I'm sure it was all greatly appreciated by her and her family simply because it showed your love and concern.
cf wrote: Beautiful...

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