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One Blessed Can of Coke

--by courts, posted Oct 12, 2006
My SMILE cards came in the mail last night. YAY! And I have been so excited to use them!

I read a story about taping a card with the right change on a vending machine and I thought i'd try it out...

I sat at my desk and tried to secretly get my card and money ready, but people kept coming in and I wanted to keep it anonymous so I had to keep hiding my card and money. I felt like i was a spy on a secret mission!!!

I finally got it done and went to the kitchen, which had around 10 people in it. So I had to stay and drink about 4 cups of water until no one was there!!! So funny!!! (at least I am hydrated!).

I stuck the card on with the money and ran out as quickly as I could... my heart beating so so so fast!!! I never thought being secretly kind could produce this kind of adrenaline!!!

I will go and check on it soon... I hope someone has been blessed and feels as good as I do now!!!
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whitby98 wrote: Good for you! Remember the song that goes "i'd like to buy the world a coke. " ? You're one step closer to that!
Skirnir wrote: This is similar to what i do. We have an aldi's grocery store and in order to keep their costs and prices down, you have to put a quarter into the cart machine to get a shopping cart and then you get it back when you return it. So i put a smile card on the cart and a quarter in the machine, so the next person doesn't have to go scrounging for change. (it is a nuisance to have to go in and get in change as there is never enough cashiers and they are always busy. )
Passion4Life wrote: What a cute story....pretty neat.... I will have to try that one.
Aiya wrote: Woah! I so want to do that! That is the cutest idea! I've been wondering how to use my smile cards, and you just gave me the awesome idea of how to do it! Thanks!
Ginny wrote: That was great story. I have tried to that at my high school, but there alot of people before lunch. But I guess I can try doing it the early morning before school starts. Now I want to try it
nomsi wrote: awh great idea- i love it!!
Amanda wrote: That is so cute! I'm going to follow your example and do that today! :)
Lyna wrote: What wonderful idea!! Gracias!!

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