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Walk for G

--by anonymous, posted Oct 5, 2006
On September 25th was our friend G.M.’s Birthday. To some she is an embodiment of compassion. To some she is a personification of beauty, grace and dignity. To some she is a pillar of virtue and strength. And to some she is a quiet pilgrim walking her journey with as much integrity and passion as is ever seen. But to most… she is nature’s precious gift to life.

My friend H had just arrived that day at my house for dinner when we found out that it was G’s birthday. I am not sure why, but ever since I heard about it… I was feeling compelled to do something for G. However, I did not want to force anything… and was sure that if the intention is heartfelt then actions will flower naturally from that space.

After dinner H and I came up with an ingenious idea to do a "Walk for G." We started out with a prayer in silence. I could feel the moment alive inside me. This perhaps happens rarely but I felt a vibration of goodness and a sincere connection with G who was on the other side of the globe. I was reminded of all my encounters with this beautiful woman who has had a very real effect on my life.

Every step I walked that evening made me feel like I was walking a step closer to her. We started out by giving flowers to random women and children on the streets. We would often stop them and request them to close their eyes. They would look at us hesitantly first but would eventually follow our innovative instructions. We would place a flower in their hands and they would open their eyes in disbelief - with a wide radiant smile glowing on their face.

Along our walk route on the busy street of our city, every time we saw street dogs (for I know our friend G :-) loved them when she was in this country) we would stop and play with them.

We saw some kids by the side of the street working hard at this late hour (it was almost 10.00 pm) and H suggested to buy ice creams for them. The kids chuckled and happily licked and slurped on their ice-creams and enjoyed every last bit of it.

We interacted with random people on the streets, smiled at strangers, offered flowers and played with little kids.

As we walked further H started off an interesting conversation with a family selling garments by the pavement of the street. The business was slow and they looked really tired. So we decided to surprise them with refreshing drinks. Their reaction was so sweet. It seemed like they had never expected someone to do this for them. One would just melt if they saw the joy and gratitude in their eyes.

Throughout the walk, H and I could not stop talking about this friend of ours ‘G’ who has offered her life as a gift to this world. Her inner strength, sensitivity, patience and humility are what I find most inspiring about her.

Somehow I felt that it was her intensity and goodness that was rippling into all these smiles and joy that we witnessed on that street. It was truly the power of her love that evoked something in us get up and go out to connect with people and bring a slight shimmer of joy in this world.

I pray that our friend G always finds the conviction within her to recognize that the path she has chosen in life is affecting the world and personally my own life in a most wonderful way. I pray that she continues to receive all the strength and wisdom to reflect her beauty and love into this world. I pray that the universe continuously shares my merits with her for her everlasting happiness and peace.

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reshma wrote: Now it has touched mine too..An inspiration to do something like this is wonderful...
Hats off to you guys and ur friend "THE G"
All the gud luck for you guys in this path....

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