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The Girl In The Corner

--by LoverOfMary, posted Nov 13, 2013
I know a girl who is not like the other children in as much as she has this unusual physical condition. 

I met her at school where her mom is my math teacher. This day I saw her sitting in a corner of the library by herself, looking very alone. I don't know what came over me but I went to her. At first she wouldn't really talk to me even though I was trying to be a friend. Every time I touched her hair, her hands, or any of her things she moved my hand away. 

I felt I had done all I could, but before I left the library I told her that she shouldn't be ashamed of her appearance like because it was our personalities that were really important. I said that each one of us have the right to live happily and freely without being judged by how we look.

I was about to stand and leave when she suddenly stopped me and hugged me! 

It melted my heart seeing her smiling and I am so glad I made the effort.
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lovingfriend wrote: Wow. Incredible life lesson taught for me.
TLravali wrote: Its very touching and you trial was great and
Totally through your story sufficient encouragement has been given to us to not to give up.
priyanka wrote: It is a very touching story to heart.
ufadave wrote: Thank you. Very nice.
Jean Slocum wrote: You were awesome to reach out to her. Brave!
Tom wrote: Touch does wonders at times!
solace wrote: Very touchinggg! Bravo
Jen wrote: So touching.
Whenever someone mentions their, or another's appearance, i find myself saying "this is merely the vehicle in which our spirit travels". Seems obvious, but i am amazed by how many people haven't considered this before. Kids tend to understand better than most that it's what's inside that counts. X
truthseeker wrote: If only there were more people like you. Very touching story.
genuinekayakgirl wrote: What a beautiful gift

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